Amazon sales and stocks

Amazon and Walmart lost the shares of 5percent and 2 percent respectively last Friday and both companies had lost about $50 billion of the capitalization in the shares market. 

This fall in the stock prices was due to the disturbance of the e-commerce operation of Amazon and Walmart in India after the rules and regulations mentioned in the e-commerce sector by the New foreign direct investment(FDI) came into effect. 

AMZN stock which is listed as AMZN in the Nasdaq has been famous for one of the most impressive stocks in the past. To find the next amazon is a very difficult task. From the initial offering price of $ 18 amazon has returned over 165.00%. By investing about $1,000 in the IPO , within the last 23 years, the worth of it was $1.65 million on the present day.

The sales of Amazon have reached 37% in a year to $96.1 billion in the third quarter. And the net income has been increased to triple $2.1 billion.

In the pandemic, many people made their first shopping during the pandemic and then got attracted to online shopping and continued to shop online. People choose Amazon for shopping because of its fast deliveries, low prices, and a wide variety of products, a huge offer discounts and always remain loyal to their customers. 

There are the two key factors that have increased the return of the company. 

First, Amazon has expanded its business a lot in the last few years. It was only an online bookseller in the beginning and had now upgraded from online media to groceries everything and also cloud computing.

Second, In the last two decades, the stocks of Amazon have grown up very high. The investor can’t only get attracted to the sales of the company and to the ratio of high price earning to the values of amazon stock. Everyone focuses on the long term profit and there to the sight of ending the stocks of Amazon soon. 

Amazon is the most demanded shopping site and also online streaming service, so there is no chance of any other next amazon to be found till today’s date. 


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