An Overview Of The Nyse Nio Stocks’ Performance

Stocks are not easily predictable because of fluctuations in the stock market nowadays. You can not accurately decide the value. The best option for you is to choose the stocks that perform well in the present if you want any short term return. Before anything, you must analyze them carefully, whether they would perform well or not. In this article, you will learn the current performance of the NYSE NIO stock in particular and some suggestions on whether or not you should invest.

The Current Performance Of This Stock

You should know the following important values throughout the previous twelve months for this stock,

  • The current value is 46.52 USD.
  • The highest value in the last twelve months was 54.20 USD.
  • The lowest value of the last twelve months was 1.73 USD. 

As per the highest and lowest values of this stock, you can say the following things,

  • The current value is showing that the stocks are not affected so much by the pandemic situations. 
  • There is a major gap between the highest and the lowest values of the stock, and after knowing the value in the present, you can say that there is so much fluctuation. 

You can see growth shortly, so this can be a better option to invest. 

Who Should Invest In These Stocks?

Anyone who can take the risk for a short period, as per the performance of the stock in the present, it can be said that NYSE NIO is much better than others. The revenue of the company is also great, compared to last year’s income the revenue earned is almost 50% increased. The earning per share values are also rising after each quarter, so you can say that overall the stock is performing much better even under several restrictions. 

The Previous Quarter Financials

You should know about its performance in the last quarter. It is as follows,

  • The revenue was at 3.72 billion USD compared to the previous quarter, where the revenue was at 1.37 billion dollars. They are performing well. 
  • Net income is negative but compared to the previous quarter. It is much better. In the long term, when the situations will become more suitable for businesses to operate, this can turn out to be better.
  • Earning per share, the most important thing for any inverter is how much they can earn from each share. Currently, the eps value is negative at 1.15 USD, which is better than the December quarter.

Sum up

Based on this quarter’s performance, you can say that they are doing well. If you plan to invest in this stock, you can check its income statement at

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.