Engagement Ring Settings: Marquise Halo Engagement Ring Settings

Getting unique engagement rings is every man’s challenge once they decide to propose to their partners. A proposal wouldn’t be complete if there is no diamond engagement ring. This has been a tradition for decades and has been carried out until this modern time. Engagement rings are one of the center of the engagement even apart from the surprises’ proposal of course. To make the day special men should be able to offer a ring that will fit their future bride’s personality. That’s why jewelers have created a lot of engagement rings and customers can even customize them according to the way they like it.  Diamonds for engagement rings come in many shapes and one of the uncommon one is marquise cut engagement rings

What is a Marquise Diamond? 

Marquise Diamond is also known as boat-shaped or football-shaped diamonds. The looks are classical and historic. This shape is not commonly used for engagement rings but for couples who want something unique this can be a perfect fit. 

What is so Special About Marquise Diamond Ring?

Because of its elongated shape, it can make the finger of the wearer look longer. Women love being admired while wearing their engagement ring, and they will love it more if people would say they have slim fingers. Your woman will be happier with this complement. Another thing that makes marquise cut diamond special is that it can make the diamond appear longer. Even if you use a small diamond ,the appearance will look bigger. This can be advantageous to you because you don’t have to get a bigger stone. 

What Settings is Perfect For a Marquise Engagement Ring?

Classic, solitaire and halo settings are perfect for marquise diamond cut.  

  • Marquise Halo Engagement Ring

This setting can enhance the center stone, surrounding it with smaller stones can make the center stone look bigger. You can get a small diamond for your center ring then accessorized it with smaller gems. You can enhance the ring better by adding stones on the shank. With this setting it will be more affordable compared when you opt to get a bigger stone. Ask your jeweler for better advice in what’s best for your ideal ring. 

  • Vintage Marquise Engagement Ring

The marquise cut is originally from the 18th century when King Louis XV hired a jeweler to make a unique shape for his mistress and that’s where marquise shape was made. Some women would want an engagement ring with a history as well as love the vintage look. Vintage designs have more intricate details and this makes the ring unique. 

  • Marquise Engagement Ring with Wedding Band 

Some engagement rings come with a wedding band ring so it can match once the couple gets married. Women love this idea and will be happier if you opt to get this set of rings. Rings are not just something to wear and are also a symbol of love and unity of couples. Keeping a ring that symbolizes your engagement and marriage can be the best treasure a couple can keep. 

How Much Does a Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring in Dallas, Texas Cost?

Marquise shaped diamonds cost 10 to 25% less than round diamonds. Diamonds are expensive but if you can get an affordable one then that’s better. It is not only unique but also more affordable than other shapes. Sometimes it’s not about how much it cost but how unique the ring is. Choosing a marquise cut diamond ring  will not only fit your budget but will also make your partner feel special because of its unique shape. 

Choosing an engagement ring is not that easy, and we know the difficulty of it. That’s why jewelers have provided a variety of designs for you to choose from, and we recommend marquise cut engagement rings as an option for you to have a unique and more affordable ring for your partner. The good thing about it is you can customize the setting according to your partner’s preference. Customized rings are always the best since you can add a touch of your partner’s personality and at the same time your preference too. It can make the ring more personalized and it can reflect you and your partner’s relationship in it.