Get 5-star Reviews From Top Reviewers on Amazon

Amazon's top UK reviewers appear to profit from fake 5-star posts | Ars  Technica

Getting a review from one of these award-winning reviewers can mean a lot to your Amazon seller account. These guys are the big fish on the Amazon world, and we’ll show you how to curl them up. Most Amazon reviewers earn and make a living from it; It’s serious business, and some reviewers can do up to 100 reviews monthly. 

Be ready to give them your merchandise in exchange for a 5-star review; Depending on the nature of your product, giving your product for free can be a costly expense, so you need first to decide if this strategy is affordable for you..

 1. Find the best reviewers.

 First, let’s search the list of Amazon’s top reviewers. You will see that the page has two sections; the Top Reviewer Ranking and Hall of Fame Reviewer Ranking. The Hall of Fame section has longtime reviewers; on the other hand, the Top Review Ranking has Amazon’s best contributors right now. Although we still recommend you learn how to get reviews on Amazon-6 methods to go and all by yourself.

 2. Find relevant tags. 

Clicking on the names in any of the sections will reveal the most commonly used tags by the reviewer. Their goal is to find the best reviewers who have used industry-related tags or products in the past, making them a great target.

3. Keep a record of your contacts. 

Next, you want to create a contact list. Prepare to be great as you want to keep all this information in one clean and orderly spreadsheet. Go now here.

 4. Search for emails

Many famous reviewers have their email addresses most likely on their profile page. If you can’t access an email address, you need to try to communicate using social media such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.

5. Communicate with an attentive email. 

It’s time to take your case. Explain to the target person that you came across their r review on Amazon and that you want to send them an item that you think might interest them. Don’t Send Generic Bulky Emails – Customize the message that shows that you’ve read about the reviewer and seen their previous reviews. Perhaps comment on a review that you found particularly insightful or wise. Personalizing your messages will greatly improve your probability of getting a reply. You should therefore ensure that your correspondence is considerate. 

Inform them you expect an honest review for the item, even though you are under no obligation. Many won’t reply to your email, and most likely, only about half will rate the item you send, but that means yes, it’s risky, but if your product is great and you are confident that you can get rave reviews, A 5stars reviews from these reviewers are going to be huge.  

6. Say thanks! 

Follow up on the top Amazon reviewers and thank them for their careful review, sincerely, of course! 

Getting Amazon reviews from the best of Amazon’s crop critics isn’t easy, but it will pay off eventually if you roll gold stars.


Online reviews are the mouth of the modern media world; they are greatly powerful and have a powerful impact on how your company is viewed. A recent study shows: 

 79% of clients trust both online reviews and personal recommendations, 

 85% of clients state that they go through online reviews for local purchases 

 73% of clients say positive clients reviews they trust a company more 

If you want five stars, you can make your business dreams come true no matter who you are! Though you will need more than wishing for a great Amazon star number. In this post, we’re going to talk about how to get 5-star reviews on Amazon quickly.