AlarmHive Alarm Industry Business Management Software From: AlarmHive

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, July 17, 2020 — Over the course of the past 18 months, a company that started with one person’s vision of how work could improve for alarm dealers, was slowly building momentum. AlarmHive is now at the cusp of launching what they believe is an industry-changing business management software that was built from the ground-up for independent alarm dealers. The brainchild behind this movement is Richard Brimhall, Co-Founder of AlarmHive. He has been working tirelessly behind the scenes, along with his business partner, Trent Whatcott, and their founding team of professionals to create AlarmHive. Richard states that as he has worked throughout the industry, he felt dealers’ frustration with the current offering of business management software, and he knew there had to be a better way. He explained it as follows:

“I have worked just about every position within the alarm industry over the course of my 15-year career. I started out knocking doors, like many in the industry do, and worked my way up to managing a company that did up to 5,000 installs a month. A common friction point I faced was the software we used to drive our business did not align with the way we ran our business. We found it necessary to use up to six other software applications to shoehorn the software into our workflow. The result was often wasted effort, lost revenue, frustrated employees, customers, and business owner. We have seen enough of the tail wagging the dog in this industry…or as we say, ‘the stinger wagging the bee.’ We are going at it differently and we cannot wait to show the market how much better their experience can be from their software provider.”

AlarmHive also believes that the customer support process for software needs a revolutionary change. Trent Whatcott, AlarmHive’s other Co-Founder stated: “We’ve all been there. We’ve all had to call a call center and talk with someone who may know a lot about the software they support, but they do not understand our business and the way we need the software configured. We get a different person each time we call and often have to re-explain the issue we are experiencing. After a significant amount of time, the support person still may not know how best to help. We are changing this approach. AlarmHive will handle the entire process from soup to nuts, in the workflow order each dealer wants. To be sure we understand the setup that works best for the customer, we provide each customer with one point of contact; their Hive Leader, who has no more than 50 dealers in their hive at a time  The Hive Leader understands the customer’s workflow inside and out, as their first discussion is not a ‘spray and pray’ demo.  It is a discussion of how the customer runs their business; to gain an understanding of every single step and how it is tracked. The Hive Leader then works with the dealer to set AlarmHive up, so that it mirrors the way the dealer works. The Hive Leader is there from that point on as the first point of contact for any needs the customer has.”

Richard Brimhall added: “The hive concept fits within our culture. Our team is a close “colony” of people who care about each other’s success. Some of our team members have worked together for two decades. Two of them have been best friends since high school! ‘Experts’ tell us all the time that we shouldn’t hire family and friends. We tell them to buzz off. Our experience tells a different story. Sure, we apply performance metrics, and everyone knows they are accountable to perform, but we hire the people we are confident will fit our culture of service. We must be very deliberate in who we hire because of our culture and usually, our most trusted family and friends display that level of care. We take this care and apply it to each of our customers. We welcome every dealer into our hive and help them achieve success in any way that they might need.”

AlarmHive will launch in approximately one month and will be available for no monthly fixed cost when a dealer’s central station has partnered with Alarmhive. No need to pay thousands of dollars every month just to have access to a system; a real plus when dealers everywhere are looking to cut costs due to the COVID-19 pandemic!

AlarmHive is currently looking for dealers to help in the final steps of development by sharing their workflows, so the team can be sure they have addressed every possible process in the industry.

ABOUT ALARMHIVE:  AlarmHive was built with two goals: 1. Create a system that dynamically adapts to match the workflow for every dealer, regardless of how they go about running their business. From soup to nuts, AlarmHive will match the workflow step by step, reduce wasted time and money. 2. Support our customers in ways they have never experienced from a software company before. They believe that nothing else matters if they do not achieve these goals, so they put all their efforts into bringing them to fruition. All Honey. No Sting. Email them at [email protected]