September 23, 2023


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Easy ways to recharge prepaid mobile during the lockdown

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Making online transaction during lockdown? You may lose money if ...

In 2020, we are introduced with many new terms like pandemic, quarantine, self-isolation, social-distancing, and the most used among all, lockdown. To stay safe from the deadly virus COVID-19, we are staying at our homes. The worldwide lockdown has influenced our lives in various ways. Now we are more inclined towards doing things online, be it online shopping, online courses, or online payments. Visiting anywhere physically is no-more safe for us. That is why we are using all our online resources to avoid going out.

Things we can do online

Now with advanced technology, we can do almost anything by using phones, laptops, or desktops. We only need a good internet connection. One can pay bills, recharge mobiles, order online products, and also participate in online seminars, workshops, and different courses to enhance the knowledge. 

Benefits of online transactions

  • We do not have to be present anywhere physically
  • Online transactions are very secured
  • We can use them from home
  • They are very easy to use
  • The online methods are usually fast
  • There are many attractive offers and gift coupons available on online purchases.

Mobile recharging

Mobile recharging is a very common necessity for which we can use online payment methods. This saves us from going to the local stores and waiting for the recharge to be done. From our home, now we can recharge our mobiles by using online payment methods. 

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Mobile recharging methods

There are various websites and applications that we can use to recharge our mobiles online like Paytm, Freerecharge, GooglePay, and others. They are very safe and have no such risk. Among all the websites, Airtel Payments Bank is widely used. One can register on their official website to create an account and can enjoy their various discounts and offers.

How to recharge an Idea prepaid number using Airtel Payments Bank:

Idea prepaid recharge is very easy with Airtel Payments Bank. One needs to follow a few steps to recharge their mobile successfully:

  • First, the customer needs an Airtel Payments Bank account to make transactions.
  • To recharge the Idea mobile, the customer needs to visit the official website ( and log in by using proper ID and password.
  • Then they have to go to the prepaid mobile recharge section and select the operator.
  • For Idea mobiles, the operator will be IDEA. After selecting the operator, they have to enter the mobile number.
  • Then they will be recommended with various popular plans for IDEA users; the customer needs to browse the plans and select one.
  • Here the customer can apply any gift card or coupons to get some cashback. 
  • Then they have to select the payment method. They can use a debit card, credit card, or any E-Wallet.
  • An OTP will be sent to their number to proceed with the payment. When all the verifications are done, the payment will be successful.

Thus by using such online payment methods, one can successfully clear their various payments without any difficulties. Mainly during the lockdown, the online payment method has helped us all to stay safe indoors and enjoy our life. | Newsphere by AF themes.