Marketing Strategy Quora and Medium!

Marketing Strategy Quora and Medium!

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Medium Marketing Strategy With Quora Through Profiles.

Before you can put this Medium marketing strategy with Quora and Medium together. A strategy that resulted in an audience growth from 250K to 3.2 Million views in just 11 months! You will need a professional profile with both Quora and Medium.

If you’re really serious about a Medium and Quora marketing strategy, you may even want to sign up for the $5 member fee each month. If you want this Medium marketing strategy to work for you. Then you’re going to have to be as professional as possible.

Let alone if you’re going to expect people to buy from you. But a professional Medium and Quora profile is just the beginning.

Deon Christie on Medium
Profile display on Medium for Deon Christie.

>> Deon Christie on Medium <<

The whole point is to be able to build recognition and gain trust. Therefore, a faceless and/or incomplete profile will get you nowhere. Complete your profile on both Medium and Quora. Then see for yourself how this personal marketing strategy will explode the traffic to affiliate links!

Learn more on how to grow your digital presence in the Medium publication below.

>> Improve Your Digital Presence with Knowledge and Presentation <<

Include a proper profile picture with this marketing strategy for both Medium and Quora. Showing your face. Not your favourite car. Or island dream. Your face. People want to know who they’re dealing with on Medium and Quora.

When signing up for Quora and Medium, simply follow the steps. Include a proper bio, or “about me” section.

Deon Christie Quora profile
Deon Christie Quora profile screenshot as a professional writer.

>> Deon Christie on Quora <<

Branding Your Name to Build Trust and Recognition.

Leave nothing out because this is also where your branding starts. Brand your own name and get the most out of this marketing strategy. Getting recognized on Quora and Medium will result in massive audiences.

While successfully making money online marketing strategy will largely depend on the size of your own audiences. That is how you make money online with recognition and trust. By building your own gigantic audiences with Medium and Quora.

This is why your profile picture is so important. Profile pictures, logos, cover images, and featured images are the cornerstone of this marketing strategy.

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This Medium and Quora marketing strategy will not work unless you have professional profiles. That is how you build gigantic audiences in their millions on the internet. Through trust, recognition. And how useful the quality of your content is.

The latter of which is the most work with this marketing strategy on Quora and Medium. Audiences from Medium and Quora flock to content that solves a problem or answers a question. Because people mainly search the internet for solutions and advice.

Quality Content marketing Strategy with Medium and Quora.

Most Importantly, your Medium publication and Quora answer featured image. That is where the traffic “magic” happens. Therefore, a unique marketing strategy through creativity, quality, and presentation.

This entire marketing strategy with Quora and Medium requires the use of 6 crucial elements. Without any one of these 5 (6 with the memberships) elements. This marketing strategy is not going to work.

All your content, spaces, posts, and answers must be targeting a commonly identified need within your niche.

  • Quora Profile.
  • Medium Profile.
  • Quora and Medium Membership. (Optional but Recommended)
  • Creating Quora Spaces.
  • Quora Answers.
  • Medium Publications.

The quality of your content with all 6 elements is crucial to your audience growth. Content must be unique (not another spined article), and it must be useful. Read more on some extra marketing strategies to get traffic to your Medium publication below.

>> Promoting your Medium Publication without Breaking the Bank <<

But the content must also be consistent with this marketing strategy. And at the right time to the right audience. Remember, as mentioned earlier. People are looking for solutions and advice on Medium and Quora. You must find your own solutions to these problems.

The more knowledge you have to offer, the larger your audiences will grow with this marketing strategy. You need knowledge through research. To provide your Quora and Medium audiences with the kind of content they are looking for.

That, however, is covered in more detail on the Medium Publication below. Learn how to create content that converts into sales.

>> Presentation is the Art of Setting A Mood and Create Curiosity! <<

Find Quora Questions with a High Follower Count.

Part of this marketing strategy is finding Quora questions with high follower counts. Because when a new answer is posted. The follower to that answer receives a notification of the new answer. To which you have your Medium publication link.

Which must then contain your affiliate offer link.

The higher the follower count, the better your exposure capability. That way more people read your answer. Therefore, more people going to your Medium publication.

Concentrate on Quora questions with a high follower count.

But we will get to all the rules involved with posting affiliate links in Medium publications. So, keep reading and understand how this marketing strategy comes together. But you will also need to read all the Medium publications included here.

Because although this marketing strategy is surprisingly effective. It is a rather lengthy exercise. But well worth the effort. I think the ring of 3.2 million content views confirms that, right?

Once you have found such questions on Quora and answered them professionally with this marketing strategy. You must also including a proven solution to their need in both the answer and the Medium publication.

Preferably a simple solution that will be free to do. People like free stuff, we all do!

Next, you also share these answers to both your own Quora spaces and Quora spaces you follow or have been invited as a contributor.

Medium Publications Relevant to Quora Questions.

With this marketing strategy, you want to research Quora questions first. Then create Medium publications with content that can offer value. But also, with an affiliate offer that is not only directly related to the content.

Both Medium publication and affiliate offer must be a proven solution to the need. That commonly identified need within your nivhe. Because that is the solution your reader is looking for.

Create high-quality content, I cannot place enough exclamation on that.

Read more about improving your writing skills and content creation in the Medium publication below.

>> Improve Your English Writing Skills and the Online Sales Will Follow <<

All your content must flow together, ultimately leading your visitor to the affiliate offer. From the Quora answer, you redirect to Medium. Then the affiliate offer targeted to the right audience is a sure way to generate sales online.

It seems like most of the methods for making money online say you can make money fast, but what does FAST really mean? Unfortunately, most methods can take days, weeks, or even MONTHS before you see any decent money in your pocket.

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Marketing Strategy Adding Affiliate Links in Medium.

Adding affiliate links to your Medium publication comes with rules. Although we will cover some of the rules here. I strongly suggest you read the rules carefully inside Medium.

Because you do not want to lose out on 175 million visitors from Medium!

Combining that with Quora means around 800 million visitors per month! Below you can see the drastic increase in medium publication views. All these extra views are from Quora answers.

With this marketing strategy, and the affiliate links in Medium publications. I have seen remarkable growth in sales too.

Both on Clickbank and Warrior plus. A rather nice reminder that my content strategy is working like a charm!

Traffic growth on Medium
Traffic growth on Medium by using Quora answers.

Because one of the requirements to share affiliate links in Medium publications. Is including an affiliate disclosure or disclaimer. Every Medium publication that contains an affiliate link must have the disclaimer in the post body.

Personally, I place mine at the end of the Medium publication.

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Including (Cloaked) Affiliate Links in Medium Publications.

DISCLOSURE: To maintain transparency, bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you go through them to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. In all honesty, I link these companies and their products because of their quality. Not only because of the commission I receive from your purchases (let’s be honest, I am an affiliate marketer).

I find these valuable and proven tools because I can assure you, I have tested and thoroughly researched everything I intend to promote. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you. All offers come with a full money-back guarantee. Ranging from a refund period of 2 weeks to 60 days depending on the product. – Source.


You can even include a picture of the money-back guarantee offered with your affiliate product. Therefore, only focus on products that do come with a full money-back guarantee. This is why I like using Clickbank and Warrior Plus.

A money-back guarantee is what we call a safety net. Setting your visitor and buyer at ease, knowing their money is safe. Because if someone cannot offer a refund guarantee, then they may not have much faith in their product.

Therefore, neither should you nor your visitor.

Include the Medium Publication in the Quora Answer.

At the end of your Quora answer, simply copy/paste your Medium publication URL. Quora will then load a preview as illustrated below. This is why that presentation image is so important. Because you want to draw attention to your publication.

Your Medium publication that is relevant to the answer and offers extra value is the “bridge page” so to speak. Therefore, you don’t want to reveal the entire solution, but just a little taste. Then discuss the entire solution in the Medium publication.

This marketing strategy is all about driving traffic to your Medium publications. And building a gigantic audience of your own, just waiting on your content.

Medium link in Quora answer
Including your Medium post in Quora answers.

Quora answers and spaces is a tsunami of free traffic when leveraged right. Below you can see my all-time Quora content views. Along with the content views for 2021 (Almost 11 Months). That is 2.9 MILLION content views just for 2021, and climbing, fast!

3 million content views on Quora
3.2 million content views on Quora in 2021.

Remember that I joined Quora back in 2017, and before this marketing strategy. Within over 3 years I totalled around 250K – 300K content views. Fast forward to 2021. And in less than 11 months skyrocketed to 2.9 million content views.

Quora analytics with Medium
Quora statistics for 2021 only.

Content Strategy Statistics to Prove It Woks!

But the statistics cannot lie and trust me. Neither can the increase in sales. By using 100% free buyer traffic methods with Quora and Medium. You can learn more about creating Quora spaces in the Medium publication below.

>> How to Go From 250K to 3.2 Million Content Views! <<

Leveraging Medium With the Quora Spaces Marketing Strategy. Creating your own Quora spaces is much like Facebook groups and pages. Requiring a logo, cover photo, title, and description.

Because they all serve the same purpose. And that is to build gigantic audiences! Remember that design is very important to draw attention. The kind of design that also creates curiosity.

creating a mood and curiosity through presentation
Digital Presentation marketing Strategy with Quora and Medium.

Presentation is everything. Not only written content but also colours and image text. Try to focus image text to the centre of the image. Ensuring proper display on mobile devices. But you can real all about content and design in the Medium publication below.

>> Using Quora Spaces to Drive 900,000 Content Views Per Month <<

This just about covers the basics of this marketing strategy with Medium and Quora. But, all the Medium publications included will fill in the gaps. As this post appears to be heading in the direction of an eBook.

I suppose a great strategy will require quite a bit of explaining and illustration to put everything together. And I am quite convinced that this may take you a while.

Just remember that it took me almost a year to compile and test this marketing strategy.

So, it may take some time for you to get all this working nicely. But just follow all the steps, and before you know it…BAM! Floods of traffic in their millions, literally.

Because You don’t need any special skills to get results with Empire and we’ve intentionally made the training super easy to follow. It’s just like having us showing you 1-on-1 how this works. Simply follow along with the video training. Get everything set up in the next 30-60 minutes. Start the Empire process. Go to bed tonight knowing that you have begun something that is going to change your life. Repeat the process every day with just 30-60 minutes of work!


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