Signs To Switch To A VPS Web Hosting Server

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The first step of launching a website is to buy a domain and hosting package. If you are new to the web hosting industry and are planning to run a new website, you probably opted for a shared hosting package. 

However, what happens if your website starts facing certain complications? Not taking quick action against these complications can compromise your website’s performance. If your website is facing issues while being hosted on a shared server, it is probably a sign that it has outgrown it, and your website should upgrade to VPS hosting. 

VPS in Australia provides a virtual server that is more capable of hosting a growing website in comparison to shared hosting. Let’s discuss some signs that indicate it is time to switch to VPS hosting.

Signs That Indicate it is Time to Move to a VPS Web Hosting Server

If any of the situations mentioned below relate to your website, it is probably a sign that it is time to switch to VPS hosting-

Your Website Requires Better Security Features

If you are currently using shared hosting to host your website, there is probably a risk of security breaches. This is because, with shared hosting, multiple websites are hosted on the same server. This means that any issues with the neighbouring websites can negatively affect your website. 

While shared hosting offers several resources, it may not be enough for a growing website with high traffic. If your website is experiencing a surge in website traffic and slowing down as a result, it is probably a sign to move to VPS hosting.  

VPS hosting provides dedicated resources that are directly under your control. Additionally, it provides an isolated server environment that makes your website less vulnerable to problems affecting neighbouring websites. Therefore, if you are looking for enhanced security features and scalable resources for your website, switching to a VPS server might be a good choice.

Your Website is Experiencing Downtime Issues

Website downtime can be detrimental to any business, as it makes your website inaccessible to your customers. Therefore if your website is facing frequent downtime with shared hosting, scaling up to VPS hosting might be an ideal solution.

VPS servers are more stable and offer less downtime in comparison to shared hosting. Additionally, VPS servers are good at managing high website load without compromising performance.

Therefore, if your website is experiencing downtime issues with shared hosting, it is probably a sign to move to a VPS server.

Your Website is Experiencing Increased Popularity 

Shared hosting is only capable of supporting small websites with low website traffic. If your website is gaining popularity it will result in increased website traffic. Therefore to support the growth and increasing popularity of your website without compromising performance you should consider switching to VPS hosting. 

If You are Running an eCommerce Website

Using shared hosting to run your eCommerce website comes with several drawbacks, such as limited payment options, increased performance risks during peak sale time and a high risk of failing the PCI compliance test. 

All these factors suggest that shared hosting may not be an ideal solution for running eCommerce websites, as they tend to be resource-intensive websites. 

On the other hand, VPS hosting offers multiple payment options and dedicated resources that can ensure performance during peak sale time and are more likely to pass a PCI compliance test. Therefore, if you run an eCommerce website, you should move to VPS hosting. 

To Wrap It Up

Several other signs indicate it is time to move to VPS Hosting, such as your website requiring full access to the server, your website running at a low speed, your need for more control over the server, and more. 

However, if you are planning to move to VPS hosting, you must choose the right VPS hosting provider. Factors you should consider when choosing the best hosting provider include looking into their customer support, security and if their prices align with your hosting budget.